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Management and Organization

Asiatic Laboratories Ltd. is run by a group of highly professional, well experienced and financially sound management team. The team has excellent track record about industrial, commercial, financial and production management. They expose very dynamic outlook and expertise in technology and production management. The overall management of the company is vested with the Board of Directors of the Company, who will formulate policies and provide guidelines to the directors and other operative personnel for its day to day business operations.

Who We Are

Asiatic Laboratories Ltd. is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is acclaimed for outstanding product quality, world-class manufacturing facilities, product development capabilities and outstanding service.

It all began in 1970 as a Private Limited Company and in 1996 the ownership was shifted to the present Chair person Ms. Tahmina Begum and Managing Director Mr. Monir Ahmed.

The state-of-the-art-manufacturing facility of Asiatic Laboratories Ltd. is located at Tongi, about 15 km north from central Dhaka. World class machineries sourced from USA, Germany, England, Japan, China and India has been employed in various steps of production to ensure manufacturing of world class products. Asiatic started its marketing operation from 2000 and up to date we have launched 80 generic molecules comprising therapeutic classes like antibiotics, antihistamines, bronchodilators, vitamins-minerals, antiulcerants, laxatives, gastroprokinetics, antihematinic, anthelmentics, CNS drugs, respiratory drugs, NSAIDs, dermatological preparations and sterile ophthalmic preparations.






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Professional Team Management


Mr. Ishtiaque Ahmed

General Manager (Commercial) and Company Secretary

Mr. Ishtiaque Ahmed is serving as General Manager, Commercial and Secretary of the company since 2001.


Mr. Sushil Kumar Sutradhar

General Manager, TO

Mr. Sushil Kumar Sutradhar is the General Manager (Technical Operations) of the company since 2001.

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Mr. Masum Chowdhury

Head of Marketing

Mr. Masum Chowdhury is serving as Marketing Manager in this company


Mr. Joyonta Kumar Biswas

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Joyonta Kumar Biswas serves as CFO in Asiatic from 2002.


Mr. Abdur Razzak

Manager, Accounts

Mr. Abdur Razzak serves as Asst. Manager in Asiatic from 2005.


Mr. Gautam Mazumder

Manager, Commertial

Mr. Gautam Mazumder serves Asiatic from 1994.


Mr. Saleh Ahmed

Manager, MSD

Mr. Saleh Ahmed serves Asiatic from 2001.


Mr. Shuvon Dey

Manager, PMD

Mr. Shuvon Dey serves Asiatic from October 2018.


Mr. Ashraful Haque

Manager, HRD

Mr. Ashraful Haque serves Asiatic from 2006.


Mr. SM Bahauddin Bakhtiar

Head Of IT

S.M.Bahauddin Bakhtiar serves Asiatic from July 2023.