Asiatic :: Manufacturing
  • Bir Uttam Samsul Alam Road, 42-43, Dhaka 1217

Our Manufacturing Excellence

The state of the art plant has modern manufacturing facilities comprising two different multistoried buildings with the total factory area of the site is 43,200 square feet comprises with security room, substation room, generator room, staff canteen, sugar storage room, glass bottle room, inflammable liquid room and with a built up area of 21,014 square feet.

The buildings are ferro concrete structures constructed in the year 1994-1995 and subsequently renovated from time to time. Ophthalmic and Ampoule manufacturing area were constructed in the year of 2002-2004. Separate cephalosporin powder for suspension and injectable vial manufacturing unit has been built on 2010-2012. In each facility the walls and ceilings are made of sandwich panels with epoxy floor ceiling.

Authorization & manufacturing activities

Beta-lactam products (Penicillin & Cephalosporin) are manufactured in a segregated as well as separated building with all necessary precautions and separate HVAC unit respectively. Narcotics are kept in locked & key. Organic solvents as well as medical and utility gases are stored in separate areas outside the buildings, respectively.

Pharmaceuticals manufacturing facilities as “Asiatic Laboratories Ltd.” is approved by Directorate General of Drug Administration, Bangladesh, manufacturing license no. 69 & 151